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 上海沪敖业务主要包含软硬件产品销售和技术服务,是加拿大Creaform、以色列Mantis Vision、荷兰Ultimaker、美国Formlabs的签约合作伙伴。





Ø 在制造行业,沪敖为客户产品的研发和生产提供3D扫描逆向、3D扫描检测、3D打印设计原型、3D打印生产工具等解决方案。同时,上海沪敖为客户(工厂、车间或生产线等)实现三维数字化管理提供基础数据。

Ø 在文博行业,沪敖专注于文物、博物馆、古建筑等三维数字化的实现和考古现场的三维记录以及文物、古建筑等模型的3D打印制作。

Ø 在公共安全行业,沪敖针对案发现场、火灾现场、交通事故现场,以及司法鉴定中的人体、器物具有成熟的3D扫描、3D打印应用方案。

Ø 在教育行业,沪敖提供创客实验室的整体解决方案,并为各专业提供3D扫描及3D打印设备。



Introduction Of Company

Shanghai Huao Information Technology .Co., Ltd was established in March 2013. It is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to 3D scanning and 3D printing, providing professional industry solutions. By introducing advanced international products and technologies, combining with our own in-depth understanding of the industry, focusing on customers and starting from industry applications, the company continuously digs into the application of 3D scanning and 3D printing in various industries, and has formed a series of industry solutions that meet the needs of customers, changing and improving the operation mode of customers. Shanghai Huao is committed to improving the quality and efficiency of customers'work and creating greater value for customers

Shanghai Huao business mainly includes sales of hardware and software products and technical services. It is a contracting partner of Creaform from Canada, Mantis Vision from Israel, Ultimaker from Netherlands and Formlabs from USA.

Shanghai Huao 3D scanning service has the characteristics of multi-scale and long-span. From several centimeters to tens of meters of objects, or from a few meters to thousands of meters of three-dimensional space, are in the scope of our services. Shanghai Huao is good at integrating different spatial scales and data acquired by different 3D scanning devices into a whole, providing customers with complete solutions according to their different application scenarios and needs.

Shanghai Huao 3D printer is mainly based on quasi-industrial products. It is committed to popularizing the quasi-industrial 3D printer, which is more portable and less demanding in the field environment. The cost of equipment and materials is very low. To a certain extent, it replaces the heavy industrial 3D printer with high requirements in the field environment and expensive equipment and materials.

Shanghai Huao specializes in fine industry solutions for manufacturing, cultural heritage, public safety, and education.

In the manufacturing industry, Huao provides solutions such as 3D reverse engineering, 3D scanning detection, 3D printing of design prototype and production tools. At the same time, Shanghai Huao provides basic data for customers (factories, workshops or production lines, etc.) to realize three-dimensional digital management

In the cultural heritage industry, Huao focuses on the realization of 3D digitization of cultural relics, museums and ancient buildings, the 3D recording of archaeological sites and the 3D printing of models of cultural relics and ancient buildings.

In the public safety industry, Huao has a mature 3D scanning and 3D printing solution for crime scene, fire scene, traffic accident scene, and human body and utensils in judicial appraisal。

In the education industry, Huao provides the overall solution of maker Laboratory, and provides 3D scanning and printing equipment for all professions.

Shanghai Huao, with many years of experience in 3D industry, will provide you with the best overall 3D solution for your industry.